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7 Ways to Make Friends

Starting college is a thrilling time, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to making friends. Whether you’re introverted or tend to be on the shy side, building connections is crucial for a meaningful college experience. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there—take the initiative to make friends. To help you establish those connections this fall, here are some great ideas you can try, right on campus:

Campus Spot Guide


BCIT has made its mission to provide over 300 unique credentials in six highly varied fields of study, available to full- and part-time students across the five campuses year-round. When it comes to describing the main campus (Burnaby), there’s no easy way to put this: it is very irregular. As somewhat of an amalgamation, it’s home to not only classrooms and libraries but also amenities such as a robotics manufacturing facility, a broadcast studio with its own radio signature, and even a functional pulp mill.      

This means that for you and other students new to this campus, those first weeks of getting oriented to your surroundings can be difficult. Still, you’ll have to navigate it like everyone else, whether you’re studying trades or media. To ease your way into this, Link is providing you with handy maps of must-know spots throughout your time at BCIT.

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Wellness Opportunities on Campus

With exams, projects, and assignments clouding our minds, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves and prioritizing our mental health over grades. This is why the BCITSA hosts wellness events! These are here to help students relieve stress and take a break from their academic responsibilities.

While most of these events are held in Burnaby, it’s worth noting that there are also events at other campuses. I attend two campuses, so I’m going to cover experiences I’ve had at both the Burnaby and Downtown Campuses and give an honest review of each.

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Virtual Love in a Post-COVID World

Due to the 2020-onwards event that you may be trying to forget, the world had to move everything to digital platforms, allowing (or, if you prefer, forcing) many people to become technology-savvier. For example, many Canadians started participating in internet culture more than they ever did, like playing video games during lockdown to pass the…