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February 10, 2023

Get Sweet with Your Sweetie with this Lemon Buttermilk Pie
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I recreated my favourite pie with the help of online recipes and a few friendly taste-testers on a cold spring night, and now you can use it to help your relationship bloom this spring. 

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December 8, 2022 By Chase Lamanque

Cut to the Chase: How to Network When Life’s a Pitch
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The working world can be difficult to navigate. My goal for Cut to the Chase is to write articles that make your professional journey a little less intimidating. That means advice, interviews, and so much more!

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December 10, 2022

A New Discord Server for School of Business + Media Students
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Joshua Luu shares that he has recently created a Discord server for students at the School of Business + Media. The goal is to allow an “effective and streamlined method for communication...”

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How to Stop Worrying and Just Play D&D

That sentiment echoed throughout my teenage years. As a classic tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (commonly referred to as D&D) always seemed like the pinnacle of nerdy exploits and all things fun, a perfect amalgamation of board games, acting, and epic fantasy. But that sentiment stayed just that: a sentiment. It was not as if… Read More »How to Stop Worrying and Just Play D&D

Living Legacies: Decommissioned Vessels are Being Transformed Into Ecosystems

Beneath the cold waters of the BC coast, life has been sustained on the glass sponge and coral reefs for thousands of years. Known only to exist in the Georgia Strait, the Hecate Strait, Howe Sound, Chatham Sound, and Alaska, these organisms play significant roles in ecosystems. They provide protection for marine life, regulate carbon… Read More »Living Legacies: Decommissioned Vessels are Being Transformed Into Ecosystems

Fish ’n’ Plastic: Ocean Pollution with a Side of Hard-hitting Truth

Ocean pollution became a hot topic within the last decade, but it’s not the Funko Pop–selling kind. The severity of this concern is addressed by climate analysts and activists alike, yet with buzzwords and misinformation crowding up search engines; it is difficult to know the true health of the oceans and the factors that may… Read More »Fish ’n’ Plastic: Ocean Pollution with a Side of Hard-hitting Truth

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