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Social Justice Affects Relationships 

At bars, are men now more cautious of being creepy toward women than they were years ago? If a joke tests one’s beliefs, should they speak up? Social justice is enmeshed in language, behaviour, and ideologies. Whether with emphasis or not noticeable, it intertwines in every relationship.   Ry Sword Avola (they/he), a Youth Program Facilitator…

Physical Health at BCIT

It is a Wednesday at 6:00 PM. After a long day of classes and a shift at the local coffee shop, a student walks into the weight room in the fitness centre at the Burnaby campus of BCIT. They find the personal storage area so full that they put their sweatshirt and keys into a cupboard already in use. After grabbing a cleaning rag and warming up on the treadmill, they search for a bench to do a workout set of workouts, yet they are all taken. Unfortunately for this student, Recreation Services at BCIT has been successful in its goal to support the improvements to the physical health of its staff and students.