The Silver Pen Award is presented annually by the BCIT Student Association to the student contributor, staff member, or volunteer at Link whose writing demonstrated the highest level of quality and community impact throughout the year.

Quality of writing doesn’t mean perfect writing, and we don’t award this to the person who had the cleanest writing, or the writing easiest to edit. Instead, we give this award to someone who showed their passions and love of writing in their articles. They were thoughtful when choosing topics, fastidious with their research, and thought-provoking in their delivery. Winners usually have written articles that reflect on new ideas, on new social dialogue, or on current BCIT culture.

This prize is given entirely on merit, and we do not issue the award every year. In some cases, two winners will share the prize. The award usually includes an engraved memento, your name engraved on a plaque kept in the Link office, and a cheque for $500

How do I get this award?

Do you think that you should be considered for this award? Then please, let us know! We have a nomination form at the bottom of the page, and you are welcome to self-nominate. When applying, you will be asked to describe why you think the nominee deserves the Silver Pen Award, and to submit a link to an article they had published that you believe demonstrates their talent. It is a simple process and should take about five minutes to complete.

Applications close on May 5 each year, and they are open to all writers that had articles published online or in print from May 5 of the previous year. Not sure if your writing is eligible? Please enquire.

Congratulations Past Winners

If you or someone you know won this award, and are not on this list, please editor@linkbcit.cacontact us right away! We’d love to include them.

2021-2022Stephanie Bohn
2020-2021Nelson Ellis & Katie Dalziel
2019-2020Ali Pitargue
2018-2019Laurie Tritschler
2017-2018Emily Vance
2017-2018Eda Aktas
2016-2017Tanushree Pillai
2016-2015Laina Tanahar

2010-2011 – Brenna Temple
2009-2010 – Birdie Hamilton
2008-2009 – Kristina Mameli
2008-2009 – Shane Woodford
2007-2008 – Len Catling
2006-2007 – Tom Laird
2005-2006 – Tara Williams
1990-1991 – Susan Spence
(Honorable Mentions Sharla Temple & Jason Veitch)

Do you know someone who should win?

Whether you’re nominating yourself, or someone else, we encourage you to fill out a nomination form now! May the best writer win.