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The self-esteem melting pot: learning how to maintain your self-esteem in post-secondary

It’s so easy to pay other people compliments and cheer them on when they do something well. Being supportive of each other’s accomplishments is something that’s generally encouraged, but one thing that’s probably not given enough credit is how necessary it is to pay yourself those very same compliments. At the core of paying yourself…

Audacity to be queen book

Review: The audacity to be queen

The Audacity to Be Queen is a self-help book for women struggling to find their inner “Queen” in a masculine-run society. It’s a guide for women wanting to achieve anything and everything they want but who don’t know how (or that it’s not impossible). DeVee shares her own story-from starting as a small-town psychotherapist to…

Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019

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Where we’ve gone, and where we’ll go again.  Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019Lauren Edwards Cinque Terre, Italy 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Justin Park, Toronto, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019 Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019

Chris Hemsworth

Review: CENTR Fitness App

 By Lauren Edwards   A workout app created by Chris Hemsworth and his trainer? Yes please! The man got ripped to play Thor, and I’m sure we’re all curious how he got there. For those suffering from a weight gain during lockdown—or the “COVID-15”— this fitness app could be one to incorporate into your new…