Summer Day Trips from Vancouver, BC

Lighthouse Park After an hour-long bus ride from downtown Vancouver on the 250 bus, you’ll find this tucked-away gem in West Vancouver. You can choose from a variety of trails that wind you through the fresh greenery of the forest. At the end of the main path, you’ll find military cabins from WWII. If you…

BCIT Student Life Ambassadors

International Student Services at BCIT

BCIT strives to embrace excellence and innovation, engaging respective and collaborative people. They value people’s diverse experiences, ideas, cultures, and perspectives, no matter where you’re from. With international students, BCIT strives to help them not only in school, but also in their careers as part of the Canadian workforce. They support students in each stage…

rain rainbow

Despite the Rain

Growing up is a weird thing. Your feet get bigger, your armpits start to smell, and your love for the little things in the world starts to decline. Flowers whose petals you once saw glistening in the morning mist are just rosebushes now, cannonballs in the pool aren’t as enticing as tanning in the sun…

11 Home Remedies for Flu Season

Last month I had a cold and had to stay home for a couple of days. I tried everything I could think of to get better; cough medicines, antibacterial teas, day and night pills, soups, orange juice; all to still have an annoying cough for the next couple of weeks. In my Victorian Child-esque state, I got curious about what possible home remedies I could use to try and fight off my illness.