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Greg Drummond: the man behind the beard

Greg Drummond is the man behind some pretty cool music. (Greg Drummond)

Greg Drummond is the man behind some pretty cool music. (Greg Drummond)

Greg Drummond, a local musician, has become pretty successful after being showcased on The Peak Performance Project for radio station 102.7’s The Peak.

While I was lucky enough to sit on Greg’s sectional and listen to him reminisce about the call that would change his life, he remembers being in line at Fortune Sound Club with his band when his phone started “lighting all up.”

At first the band couldn’t believe their good news. It was their second time applying.  The band believes this created the opportunity for Greg to show they aren’t just about music, but are also involved in the community.

Over that same year they’d done thirteen fundraisers for different disorders like cancer and juvenile diabetes. “Juvenile diabetes was particularly close to home. (Drummer) Alanna…having her brother go through that.” Drummond says.  He’s done lots of different charity work and “likes to be involved in the community, help out where I can.”

The band recently returned from a road trip in their loud van (they call it Baby Blue). They’ve played festivals like Wapiti in Fernie, B.C and a place called Festival Square in Edmonton, showcasing their new southern-esque sound which Greg calls “folk-n-roll.”

Their new stuff will be out soon, so be sure to check it out!


–With files from Kylee Roman

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