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Photo Feature: Elin Molenaar

When Elin Molenaar came to Vancouver from Dirkshorn in the Netherlands for her gap year, she came with an interest in telling a visual story and capturing moments. Using a friends second-hand camera, she snapped the beauty in the world around her while taking notes from her boyfriend, who is also a photographer. She would…

Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019

Wanderlust Feature

Where we’ve gone, and where we’ll go again.  Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019Lauren Edwards Cinque Terre, Italy 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Justin Park, Toronto, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019 Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019


Dating Around, Season Two is Here

Blind date enthusiasts rejoice! The Netflix original series, Dating Around, has returned with a second season choc-full of awkward moments (and a deep connection or two) for your viewing pleasure. If, however, blind dates make you cringe, then viewer discretion is advised. If you have yet to indulge in the first season of Dating Around, you may…

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Choose Your Words

Among the numerous consequences of COVID-19, one ugly side effect is racism. From Trump labelling this coronavirus as the “China Virus,” to pandemic news headlines accompanied by pictures of people of East Asian descent, people are turning their fear of the virus into a phobia against people and where they come from. These attitudes existed…

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Runway Rebels: Fashion Meets Protests

Fashion is one of the most influential industries in the world. It can affect societal, political, and economic landscapes—it is a form of disruption and a catalyst for change. In the world’s current society, it’s no surprise to see more protests taking to the runways and red carpets. One example of a red-carpetprotest was Natalie…

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Companies that are thriving during COVID-19

Money-making behind the screens by Daniella Pettenon COVID-19 has brought stress to individuals and businesses across the world. However, there are a handful of companies that are thriving from the dramatic shift in consumer demand—Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Pornhub, Netflix, and DoorDash, to name a few. For years, parents have been pushing their children to go…