Creation Defines Me: An Art Feature by Takshita Kumar

What defines you as a person are not your highs and lows but how you handle those ups and downs. Every now and then we all face situations where our “handling” abilities take off on a long vacation and what we are left with is self-doubt. We seek solutions in people, persons, and places. What I discovered is that the answer is right inside you, all you have to do is find a way to pour yourself out. To express. Express through words or art, through dancing. Express through anything that allows you to release your anger, love, frustration, even boredom! For me it was art. I started creating. These may look like a combination of colors, lines and curves but, to me they tell a story of times I have felt the most. My art has helped me mature to appreciate my past without putting conditions on the future, allowing to find myself in the present. Even though I am still on my journey, still building and finding my style I value each step. It helps me express my feelings, helps me escape into a space that I created one that is my own.