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Sexy Local Events: February 6, 2013

The Link BCIT

Ongoing until February 14
3rd Annual Vancouver Hot
Chocolate Festival
Various locations

Hot chocolate is great because it can be enjoyed in many circumstances: a cup with your loved ones at a family gathering or some cocoa goodness on a romantic date.
The third installment of the Hot Chocolate Festival runs for nearly a month and features over a dozen participating venues with a sweet reputation. Each venue offers a unique cocoa beverage paired up with a complementary food item. There are also some dairy-free options, because everyone deserves happy food during the dreary winter days.[hr]

February 12
Love Your Parts
Vancouver Public Library

February 12 is officially recognized in Canada as the Sexual and Reproductive Health Day. This year, Options for Sexual Health brings Dan Savage to Vancouver to remind the public to be wise while being naughty. There will be a breakfast buffet and the WetSpots, a cabaret duo, will entertain the guests. The event also makes for one hell of an original pre-Valentine’s Day date.[hr]

Sexy Seminars
Art of Loving

While Options for Sexual Health reminds everyone to love their parts, the Art of Loving adult store teaches people how to do so properly.
These seminars are a great way to face the intimidation some people feel at the thought of entering an adult store — the staff is friendly, seminar leaders are knowledgeable, and there’s always the opportunity to giggle at the sight of odd-looking sex toys.

Stay sexy, BCIT.

— Olsy Sorokina

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