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Don’t break that New Years resolution!

Okay so it’s the end of January, and for those of you who set financial-based New Year’s resolutions, if you’ve stuck to your resolution to this point then you’re one of few. That being said, now is no time to give up! I mean if you’ve made it this far, the least you can do is commit to the rest of the month.

Or maybe you caved on the first of the month and splurged a bunch of money on some hangover food (two resolutions down in one). Either way, if you’re looking to make it to February at the very least or trying to get back on track, check out these budget friendly activities for this the remainder of the month that will help you get there!

Don’t go out, stay in and colour!

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now and can be a great way to spend some time without spending the big money on entertainment. And if you want to make it more of a party, make it a Drake themed evening with this new Drake themed colouring book. Have some friends over for colouring with a side of Hotline Bling.



Skate it out

The holiday season may be over, and Vancouver may be the warmest city in Canada, but that’s not stopping the Robson skating rink from hosting ice skating events at Robson Square. Aside from their upcoming Family Day and Valentines Day skates, Robson Rink is hosting regular Tuesday night “date night” skates. Enjoy a free skate (or $4 if you need to rent skates) plus some free hot chocolate AND a chance to win dinner for two at Bacchus Restaurant. That’s the chance for a lot of free things in one go, so enjoy!


Free samples!

Nutella has been handing out free samples all week at Robson and Burrard and as if that’s not good enough, a brand new food truck to the scene is following suit. Soho Road founders have just launched their newest food truck, Tiffin Walla. The foodtruck will be serving Indian food with a more gluten-friendly twist as all dishes will be served on rice.

Not only will Tiffin Walla be serving up delicious new food, they will be embracing the values that really matter to Vancouverites by using solar panels rather than a generator for their power. Plus they are looking into partnering with other food trucks in the city to use re-usable containers in order to cut down on excessive waste.

As a celebration of their launch, Tiffin Walla will be giving away free samples during lunch time on Thursday and Friday so stop by to try it out! And if you really love it, meals are only $6 so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank anyway.

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