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Brunch? Visit Tuc Craft Kitchen!

Brunch options are aplenty in Vancouver. For that perfect mid-morning meal on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, indecision might be a common issue. I’ve a few places that make my list of go-to brunch spots, but for this post, I’ll focus on one I recently visited: Tuc Craft Kitchen.

Located on the outskirts of Gastown in a neighbourhood that faces constant gentrification, Tuc Craft Kitchen introduces comfort food in a cozy environment.

Although the interior gives off that vintage, rustic look, this place has only been around recently. However, it’s created a big splash in the whole “chicken and waffles” market because Tuc Craft has, by far, the best I’ve ever tasted. Needless to say, this is what I’d recommend if you’re a fan of it!

Tuc_Craft_Kitchen_brunch_Chicken_and_wafflesMaybe it’s the recipe they use for breading the perfect fried chicken, maybe it’s the amazing batter used for the waffles, or maybe it’s all the sauces they provide you with, but this plate of chicken and waffles is darn good – enough for me to request seconds if I had a large enough stomach for it.

Either way, the seasoning on this order definitely hits the spot and is enough to share between two people, or for one very hungry individual.

Another menu item that has been the talk of the town is their famous “Crispy Bacon and Egg”. Why? Here’s why:

tuc-craft-kitchenThese eggs are consistently boiled to a stage where soft-boiled meets hard-boiled. Meaning, the egg white is solid, but the yolk remains deliciously runny. Then, wrap this egg around with bacon, and deep fry it with batter. Your results are phenomenal.

There are only two eggs in this town that I find worth raving about: Marutama’s (found in my previous post), and now this one at Tuc Craft Kitchen.

The staff are very friendly, approachable, and it’s just overall a great place to dine both casually, or on a date!

Pro Tips:

  • Parking is mostly paid street parking, but there is a lot located just around the corner along Hastings, too.
  • They do take reservations, so it’d be smart to book ahead of time!

Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC


Click the link for store hours, menu, and more!

Photo credits: TripAdvisor & VancityBuzz