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Ode to the Most Hated Man Alive

Once in 1703,

Peter I founded the city,

“Here I will lay a stone

For the city to be known

Now we’ll be a part of Europe

That will make my Russia grow”

Little did that Peter know

That empire, so majestic

In two centuries will gone

Jumping to our wonder year

With a threat for World War III

Were Mother Russia’s ruler

Killed the whole economy

Many companies have left

From the market, as the US

Made the sanctions even stricter

Bringing Russians all distressed

And McDonald’s leaving Russia

Was the greatest tragedy

Cannot be at all compared

With Ukraine’s calamity

Now that Putin is well-hidden in his bunker down below Complicating execution

From his “friends” with fatal blow

As the world, let’s say enchantment,

To lure out, say congrats,

As he well deserved a title

Of most hated Man alive