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Dating Around, Season Two is Here


Blind date enthusiasts rejoice! The Netflix original series, Dating Around, has returned with a second season choc-full of awkward moments (and a deep connection or two) for your viewing pleasure. If, however, blind dates make you cringe, then viewer discretion is advised. If you have yet to indulge in the first season of Dating Around, you may be unfamiliar with the format, which is the same in season two. In each of six episodes, one lucky person courts five eligible singles (seemingly all in the same night… the wonders of editing!) in the hopes of forging a bond and securing a second date.


Daters… start your engines!


As in season one, each date starts with a Drinks segment in which the singles get to know one another while sipping tasty libations, and after a few minutes of witty (or awkward) banter, the date shifts into the Dinner portion of the evening. Then, depending on the vibe, the daters may decide to hang out After Hours with a nightcap (or two). And finally, after possibly exchanging numbers, we get to see which lucky dater was selected for a second date!


Dating Around is not the only blind dating reality show out there; however, it does offer a fresh take on a familiar formula. For starters, each episode is filmed and edited so that all five dates appear to be occurring simultaneously; while this sounds like it might be distracting, it somehow flows seamlessly. The dialogue also seems notably genuine throughout, as opposed to scripted (which can sometimes be the case with reality shows), making it all the more entertaining.


But perhaps what makes Dating Around so unique is the diversity of the daters themselves. In either of its two seasons, no matter your personality, race, ethnicity, or sexuality, you are likely to identify with at least one blind dater (if not more). There is Deva, a bold Black female musician originally from Hawaii who dates men and women (but who is not keen on labels), Justin, a smooth and witty New Orleans native with a Filipino background, and Brandon, a bubbly kindergarten teacher who despises blue cheese (and who happens to be gay). There is indeed someone for everyone.


If you’re in the mood for something easy (yet sometimes difficult) to watch, then Dating Around is a perfect choice!