Link Magazine Comics, Compiled

After going through our old posts, we realized that we have published dozens of comics! There are some real gems by BCIT students, so we wanted to share them again. Here is a list of all our comics (at least, the ones published digitally; there are probably even more). 

Comics by Carlo Puche

Detective Sherbert,
Take Care,
Midterms Got You Down,
Age Differences,
Bold Lines,
A Strong Start

Freakseeking Missiles by Dan Johnson

Cinderella and the Wolfman,
Remorse Code,

Other Comics, Various Artists

Career Fair
Top Down by Rodney Dickinson
British Columbia Museum of Technology, by Maxine Davies
Ski Ninjas by Kyle Lees
The Robot & The Guy by Kudagra
The Robot & The Guy (2) by Kudagra
SemiConductors by Jacob Samuel