The BCITMA Committees

Interested in enhancing your student experience at BCIT? The BCITMA is one of the largest student clubs on campus and is dedicated to providing members with the experience and connections they need to succeed – while having a lot of fun doing it. For an introduction to what we do, refer to a previous article here.

Membership to the BCITMA happens year round. Come join us at our first general meeting on September 30th, where you will learn more about everything we have in store for you this year.

One of the most confusing aspects of BCITMA membership is the committee system. When students think of clubs, they tend to think of a single organization – all members get together for meetings and work on activities together. This is different with the BCITMA. With over a hundred members on any given year – more than many small businesses – it is simply not possible to have everyone involved and together on a daily basis. This is why we subdivide our operations into eleven different committees, each responsible for a specific function.

Nonetheless, it can still be very confusing for both prospective and existing BCITMA members. Since the committees generally work independently of each other – with communication happening at the upper levels of the organization – it is quite common for people to not know what all the committees do or who is in each one.

This article will try to clear up some of the confusion by providing a description on what each committee is responsible for. Let’s start with our leadership structure, since that will provide a good visualization of how the BCITMA is organized.

BCITMA Leadership

The BCITMA has a functional organizational structure – this means that the club is divided into parts that each serve a different function. Here is how everything is organized:

At the top of the BCITMA is the President, who oversees the operations of the entire club. Besides administrative duties – and there are a lot of those – the President also acts as the face of the BCITMA towards the outside world. He or she is the person everyone turns to for leadership – especially if problems come up.

President of the BCITMA - Antoni Lauzer

President of the BCITMA – Antoni Lauzer

Next to the President is the Vice-President, which provides a supporting function for the BCITMA. The Vice-President assists all the executives with their duties and can be an important resource for the club.  He or she is also responsible for preparing both a Chapter Plan and a Chapter Report; these are the two documents that the American Marketing Association (AMA) will use to grade the BCITMA’s performance at the end of the year.

Vice-President of the BCITMA - Victoria Velez

Vice-President of the BCITMA – Victoria Velez

Underneath the President and Vice-President are all the other Vice-Presidents – the leaders of the eleven committees that make up the bulk of the BCITMA’s daily operations. The committee Vice-Presidents may also recruit directors to help them with specific tasks (recruitment for these positions is happening right now, info at the end of this article).

Together, the President, Vice-President and the VPs of all eleven committees comprise the BCITMA Executive Board; this is a collective term for the group of thirteen people who set the strategic direction of the entire organization. We administer the club, organize events and lead the members of our respective committees – even as we complete schoolwork and exams like any other student.

The members of the Executive Board are selected through a formal election process at the end of the school year. This means that new BCITMA members cannot (usually) apply for an executive position immediately. Instead, they must demonstrate that they are capable of taking over the reins – holding a director position is a good way of learning how to handle the responsibilities of being an executive.

If you are interested in finding out more about the BCITMA Executive Board, then be sure to check out the MA Spotlight section on the MA website. This is where you’ll find behind-the-scenes information on what life is like for a leader of the BCITMA.

For now, let’s go into the operational arm of the BCITMA – the eleven committees.

The Committees

For new club members, it can be difficult to grasp the function of eleven separate committees. To help organize the committees, they are divided into four categories: Internal/External Communication, Event Creation, Corporate Selling, and Operational. Each of the categories and their respective committees are detailed below.

1. Internal/External Communication

Communication is a vast field that encompasses everything from the flashy ads on television to the funny tweets on Twitter. The BCITMA’s communications are mainly handled by three committees; come talk to us if you are interested in advertising, social media or just want to improve your ability to communicate effectively with others.

VP of Ads and Promo - Brian Tang

VP of Ads and Promo – Brian Tang

Ads and Promo

The Ads and Promo committee helps showcase and promote MA events and the individuals behind them. Ads and Promo members work together, and with other committees, to promote the MA’s ideals of connect, create, captivate.

VP of Communications - Matthew Kwong

VP of Communications – Matthew Kwong


The Communications Committee is all about writing – they create all written content for the BCITMA. The most conspicuous examples of this are the articles on the MA website, but also includes social media posts, brochures and monthly newsletters.

A large organization such as the BCITMA consists of hundreds of people operating on all four corners of the campus (and sometimes even off campus). This would not be possible without effective communication linking everyone together and promoting the club to the outside world – that includes what you are reading right now!

VP of Digital Media - Andy Jeong

VP of Digital Media – Andy Jeong

Digital Media

The Digital Media committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the BCITMA’s online presence, including the website and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; they also create digital content to support events held by the MA. Members of this committee will be working collaboratively and employ marketing strategies to increase the engagement and exposure of the MA. Through this committee you will be able to gain applicable digital marketing skills as well as experience in social media management.

2. Event Creation

An event is a broad term that refers to the activities organized by four different committees; each committee is responsible for a specific type of event. Check out these committees if you want to meet industry professionals, are considering a career in event management, or just want to have fun!

VP of Community Relations - Julianne Ratchford

VP of Community Relations – Julianne Ratchford

Community Relations

The BCITMA exists as part of a larger community; the Community Relations committee is all about giving back to these communities. This committee supports the causes that impact people personally, on the issues that they care about. Community relations is about making a difference for those around you – we do not require a significant commitment, just passion, creativity and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.

VP of Events - Carli Henssler

VP of Events – Carli Henssler


The BCITMA Events Committee is led by VP Carli Henssler and plays an integral role in building community and providing networking opportunities for students, even amidst their hectic schedules. This year we are looking for amicable, creative individuals, who wish to put their organization and social skills to use. With six lead positions available for both first and second year students, this is an exciting opportunity to get involved with the Events Committee and differentiate yourself from other students when entering the work force. Committee members will be able to propose their own original ideas and be involved in the planning, organization and execution of all events including the Revelstoke Ski-trip, Halloween Social, and Annual Fashion Show, just to name a few.

Kailey Zenyk - VP of Integrated Marketing

Kailey Zenyk – VP of Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

The VP of Integrated Marketing, with the help of a Director, plans two major BCITMA events.

Marketing Week is a weeklong series from October 5th to October 9th. The theme this year is “The ABC’s of MKTG: Steps to Success.” It is filled with on-campus speaker events, an industry tour, and a networking event on Friday. This is an amazing series that allows students to develop their skills, learn the latest tips and trends in the marketing world, and meet industry professionals. (Look out for more information on the BCITMA website!)

Regionals is large-scale business conference held at the BCIT’s downtown campus in January. This day is filled with impressive speakers, competitions, and major networking.

These events are widely recognized at the AMA International Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans.

VP of Professional Development - Nikki Nguyen

VP of Professional Development – Nikki Nguyen

Professional Development

The Professional Development committee is responsible for connecting students to the marketing industry. The main focus of this committee is the Schmoozapalooza event, which will bring internship opportunities for the second year students. Members of this committee will help organize events that bring in industry professionals as speakers, giving BCIT students a feel of what the real world is looking for. Students will be able to get a head start in the industry and their future by building their real life experience and professional network.

3. Corporate Selling

Forget the proverbial used car salesman who would do anything to close a deal; professional salespeople are reputable, empathetic and highly sought after by employers. The Corporate Relations and Sponsorship committees will hone your selling skills by allowing you to work directly with real-life companies.

VP of Corporate Relations - Josh Stokes

VP of Corporate Relations – Josh Stokes

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations committee aims to give students real-life marketing experience. In this committee members act as consultants for companies, completing real marketing challenges that the company is currently facing. This consulting work supplies students with the skills needed to act professionally and proficiently in the work force.

VP of Sponsorship - Jacquie Kine

VP of Sponsorship – Jacquie Kine


The Sponsorship Committee will help expand your network and gain experience in business to business sales. This committee is sales-focused and is perfect for students who want to learn how to prospect, qualify, and develop relationships with businesses and corporations.

4. Operational

With everything that goes on in the BCITMA, it can be easy to lose track of the logistics and minutiae behind running a club.  The Finance and Membership committees are the people who stay on top of these details; you cannot join these committees, but they are integral to the smooth operation of the BCITMA.

VP of Finance - Tyler Patak

VP of Finance – Tyler Patak


The Vice President of Finance is the club’s treasurer. The treasurer is in possession of the club’s cheque book and cash box, and is responsible for working with the club’s coordinator to maintain all aspects of the club’s finances.

Almost all of the BCITMA’s activities would be impossible without the proper funding to support them. Thus the VP of Finance is responsible for a wide range of activities, including (but not limited to): collecting membership dues and funds from events, making bank deposits, writing cheques, processing member reimbursements, and preparing budgets and club funding applications. The VP of Finance may also work with the club’s other executives to organize fundraising events.

VP of Membership - Michelle Rupisan

VP of Membership – Michelle Rupisan


The role of Membership consists of two parts. The first part is getting the club ready for the new school year. This includes planning and purchasing the t-shirts and swag that will be given to new members, as well as getting applications ready for the first two recruitment days. As the school year starts, the VP of Membership becomes the go-to person for students who want to apply or are renewing memberships with the MA. This can occasionally turn into a logistical nightmare, but also provides the opportunity to meet many new members.

The second part includes housekeeping and secretarial duties. The VP of Membership maintains databases and logs of everyone’s hours, attendance and contributions. Membership also works closely with Finance and the President to coordinate club activities.


Specific committee Vice-Presidents may recruit directors to help them with various tasks in that committee. Some directors serve as direct assistants to the Vice-President, while others are responsible for specific events. These positions are a great way to gain experience and improve your resume.

The application requirements differ slightly between committees, but the process is similar: go to the BCITMA website, mouse over “The Committees” at the top and select the committee you are interested in. From there you will see a description of the committee and whether there are any director positions available – click on the link to access a PDF file about the position, including a job description and how to apply. Typically applicants must submit a letter of intent explaining why they want to apply and their specific qualifications; a resume or other formal documentation is not required.

If you are interested in applying for a Director position, be sure to check our Facebook page for all the latest information.

Connect with Us

This has been the second installment of BCITMA on Link Magazine. Hopefully these two articles have provided you with a better idea of who we are, what we do and how we can help you make the most of your time at BCIT.

The next article will be about the case study team. They are not a committee per see – hence why the case study team is not included in this article – but they are a unique part of the BCITMA and function like a committee. What does that mean? Check back to Link Magazine to find out!

Likewise, if you’re interested in joining the BCITMA or want to learn more about what we do, then be sure to connect with us online. The BCITMA Facebook page and website are regularly updated and is the best way of getting updates on what we are doing:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Remember, the BCITMA’s first general meeting will be on Wednesday, September 30 at 2:30pm. More details on this event will be upcoming, so be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page. Hope to see you there!