The Future of Smartwatches

Over the past couple years there has been a rise in devices that make peoples’ lives easier. High-powered tablets replace laptops, kindles replace books, and now smartwatches are replacing analog watches.

More and more companies are getting into the smartwatch game. These devices connect with your smartphone and provide an interactive experience. No longer will you have to pull out your phone to check a text or the weather. The smartwatch has many of the same capabilities as your phone does, but is more accessible to its user. Users can access these tools on their wrists! These are the major features and benefits that a typical smartwatch has… or is supposed to have.

The smartwatch market is growing rapidly and is consistently changing. This past week, Apple stirred a commotion in the smartwatch world. Apple’s watchOS 2 was expected to release on September 16th, but was postponed due to an unexpected bug. This event caused a lot of buzz and speculation in the industry about the Apple Watch.

Five days later, the watchOS 2 software was finally released, but only after a mini PR nightmare. Many influencers talked about the future of the Apple Watch and the impact that the delay had on Apple as an organization.
My personal favourite smartwatch on the market is the Moto 360. I know – you’re asking yourself why. I’m a big fan of “the underdog” and the Moto 360 is definitely just that. What sets this watch apart from the rest is it’s sleek circlular-faced design. This watch is so timeless and versatile and like other smartwatches, it has a customizable face and strap.


The Moto 360 is one of the best Android watches on the market. But as much as I love this watch, there are some major downsides. Get used to charging your smartwatch every night and sometimes during the day; smartwatches don’t have the greatest battery life – especially the 360. Along with poor battery life, smartwatches are known to have minor software glitches and the 360 is no exception.

Even with major developments happening in the smartwatch industry every year, there is still a really long way to go. Smartwatches are far from perfect. From software glitches to battery issues to release flops, smartwatches don’t have the best track record right now. There is the potential for this industry to be huge. We will just have to wait and see what’s next!