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Tech Christmas Wish List 2015: Part 1

Christmas is almost here! Along with the holiday cheer, Christmas baking, and (hopefully) snow comes Christmas shopping. We all have that one person on our list. You don’t have to be the “gift card giver”! Here is what’s on every tech wish list this Christmas.

BB-8 Droid

In light of the new Star War movie, the BB-8 droid is crushing the toy market. The droid connects with your smartphone or tablet, which acts like a remote control. Users take part in an interactive, intergalactic experience, much like in the movies (although the droid is supposedly bigger in the movie).

Just like in the movies, the droid can broadcast a holographic message, although it’s not the droid itself that does the broadcasting. The message appears through the smartphone app, which shows the uses the camera and shows the droid projecting a video message. It’s still a pretty cool feature for any Star Wars nerd. The BB-8 droid sells for $149.99.


Samsung Gear VR

A step in the right direction for the virtual reality industry, Samsung released its Gear VR. With this device, users are transported to a life-like, virtual landscape. They around them and feel as though they are somewhere else. Currently, Gear VR users can watch Netflix in a “movie theatre” or play virtual reality games. The catch of this product is that it is only compatible with Samsung phones. The device is selling for $250, but is so hot on the market that it’s selling out and may be hard to get.


A Power Bank

This is a safe bet to get for someone as a Secret Santa gift, or if you’re really stuck on an idea. Power banks are great for a smartphone mid-day charge and it is something that everyone could benefit from! Power banks can range anywhere from $10 – $100 depending on how much charge it gives.



You may have seen this or its equivalents before, but the Olloclip is a lens that attaches to your smartphone and lets you capture amazing shots. The lenses range from macro to telephoto and allow the user to enhance their smartphone photography. This is getting more and more useful as smartphone technology advances and we are seeing a slowing trend towards better quality smartphone cameras. Prices range from $50 – $100 depending on your smartphone model.

Christmas is approaching quickly with less than 1 month left to go. Purchase your gifts now or stay tuned for Part 2 of this tech wish list for more ideas!