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Fashion Friday: Loungewear

With the Fall 2015 term wrapping up, students at BCIT have even less time and energy than usual, so many of us couldn’t be bothered with appearance. For this reason, I have compiled a few cozy (and cute) outfits to live in for the next few weeks.

The first thing I look for in comfort is soft fabric. Fabrics like modal, lyocell, and viscose –semi-synthetic variations of rayon– are the most incredible to lounge in. The light grey dress I am wearing in the photo above is 100% viscose by Wilfred Free. Cotton is also a favourite since it lets your skin breathe, unlike synthetic materials. Additionally, anything fuzzy usually makes the short-list.DSC_0268

Fit is also an important factor for comfort, since no one wants to feel like they can’t breathe – and slouch. Relaxed pants, loose shirts, and other bits of excess material gives you the freedom necessary for a six-hour cram session. The Talula Los Feliz joggers in the photo below have an adjustable drawstring waist, and are loose throughout the leg. The fabric and details make them appropriate to wear both outdoors, and to lounge indoors.

Leggings are also a staple, as long as they are not too tight! Ensure the waistband sits at your hips to avoid them squishing your tummy. Pair them with a loose T-shirt, or cozy knit sweater like I have in the photo below.


And don’t forget to have a pair of fuzzy slippers or socks! It’s easy to get cold when sitting and studying for hours on end. My socks are the classic Roots Park Socks that come in a two-pack, and the slippers are from La Vie en Rose. However, you can find socks and slippers essentially anywhere you go. I hope you have a comfortable next few weeks to end the term. See you in the library – happy studying!