Review: La Haine (The Hate)

La Haine Poster
La Haine Poster

Set in the notoriously violent suburbs of Paris, Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine is a modern reflection on the discrimination and injustice faced by those living within the chaos.

The film immerses you in turmoil by following a day in the lives of three friends: Vinz, Saïd and Hubert. You watch as they wander aimlessly around the projects, encountering strange anecdotes along the way. When their mutual friend Abdel is attacked during the previous night’s riots, they are left wrought with worry over his condition. His hospitalization triggers them to think, “what they can do” about it and this becomes the crux of the film.

Vinz plays the aggressor, Saïd the neutral, and Hubert the visionary. All three approach the answer to the question differently. Vinz wants to retaliate against the police. Saïd accepts his reality of living in the chaos of over-policing. Hubert on the other hand, desires an escape from the projects and the ability to live in a crime-free world.

Through vivid cinematography and immersive dialogue, you begin to feel a connection to these characters. You gain sympathy for their daily struggles and hope they will see better days. Culminating in a stunning finale, this film is a must-watch for those who want to see how history can replicate itself in the present.