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Out of Focus?

00focus-movie-trailerFocus tells the story of veteran con-man Nicky Spurgeon and the unstable relationship with his apprentice Jess, played by Margot Robbie. Spearheaded by the directors of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, Focus somewhat makes up for its inconsistent writing with a roster of talented actors.

Never have I been deceived so many times by a film. At its best, Focus pieces together incredible sequences of thievery. The actors are convincing in their roles and you’re compelled to figure out their scams.

Adrian Martinez steals the show in his supporting role as Nicky’s best friend, Farhad. He’s inappropriate, vulgar and a great third wheel. Smith and Robbie have decent comedic chemistry, but that’s where the movie falls apart.

The film develops clear sexual tension between the main characters – and it is awful: the mood is awkward, the innuendoes are bad and the dialogue comes off a little pornographic. The movie really shines in the middle, but everything else falls flat. The beginning rushes to develop a connection between Nicky and Jess. And the ending, unfortunately, undoes a lot of thoughtful, clever planning with a cheesy and ridiculous twist.

Focus would’ve likely done a lot worse, had it not been for the calibre of its cast. The writing is unbearable at times and the story dips and peaks. On the other hand, the comedy really adheres to an adult sense of humoor. The cons are thoughtful and some sequences are incredible, but these aren’t enough to make up for the movies blunders.

Rating: 3/5