Great Expectations – The Deal With Valentines Day Image: Found Animals Foundation

Historically speaking, there has been a large divide between the sexes on how Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. Guys, remember when your girlfriend said she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s and that she just wanted to spend time with you? RED FLAG! This is a test. She wants to see if you’ll go on your own accord and surprise her with something she didn’t even know she wanted. In her mind, you have been planning this day for months. But let’s be fair ladies, it’s not all about us and we should be forthright and honest about what our expectation of Valentine’s Day is because men need all the help they can get. I asked a few students from BCIT what their expectations of Valentine’s Day are this year and this is what they had to say…


“Personally, I don’t really have much expectation of it. But I think that it’s great that people take the time off to spend it with their friends and loved ones.” Rey Sison – Electrical Trades Training Program


“Valentine’s is just another day to me but I love anything festive so I celebrate it just because. Except I’m single for life so I guess I’ll just binge on Netflix. A weekend getaway to Whistler would be amazing. I definitely want to be treated to food that’s out of the student budget range (sorry, not sorry) and hit up a spa.” Lynn Ogasawara – Marketing


“My expectation of Valentine’s Day is to have a crazy busy night at work since I’m a server. But I think it should be celebrated with loved ones and simple small gifts that have more thought behind them rather than a big dollar value.” Jillian Noort – Business Administration


“Do something that facilitates conversation. Don’t watch a movie, play a board game. Don’t text; talk. Enjoy the ease of conversation with one another. Enjoy each other’s undivided attention.” Calvin Jay – Broadcast and Online Journalism


“Chocolate, lingerie, and in bed all day!” Aleks Marjanovic – Electrical Engineering


“I would just like to do something with the person I’m with. Nothing big or special, just acknowledging it. My expectations aren’t high because my birthday is the following week so I’d rather just combine the two.” Jessica Richards – Emergency Specialty Nursing


I think we can all agree that thoughtful gestures that show attention to detail would make any guy or gal feel special. Give yourself some time to think about it though, rushing out to the nearest 7/11 to pick up some wilted gerberas will not get you any bonus points. Even if you have been dating for years, ask your partner out on a date! And for all you singles out there wanting to get in on the Valentine’s Day action, there’s something to be said for going out on a limb to ask that special someone out. Not into that idea? Do something for yourself! Have a relaxing bath, watch a movie that’s nominated for an Oscar, or treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a long time.