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Friday Fashion: Study Style

I feel good when I look good. Even for studying, I try to put together an outfit that is appropriate and comfortable, but still allows me to show off my personal style. There are elements that you can take from your everyday wardrobe and tone down in order to rock a cute study outfit. For me, I tend to follow a formula when putting together a “cool” and comfortable outfit for those long days slaving away in the library.

1. Start with one “cool” piece that you’ll be comfortable wearing all day. I chose my leather leggings, found here. This will be the main focus of your outfit and will add a level of dimension. It shows that you put some effort into your looks before you left the house. This piece doesn’t have to be pants. You can start with a nice sweater and balance it out with some comfy sweatpants. It’s all about the balance of “chill” to “cool.”

2. Add your favourite pair of sneakers. Sneakers will always add a level of intentional “cool” to your outfit. The pair you choose will depend on the vibe you are aiming to achieve. Nike’s will show your sporty side. Adidas will add a classic twist. I’ve chosen a pair of Vans to bring out the laid back feels. Anything will work here. Play around with colours and textures to add another element to you laid back look.

3. The last step is adding your comfy/cozy element(s). If you have a statement piece on the bottom, throw on an oversized t-shirt and hoodie, like I did. Or, as mentioned above, if you have a nice sweater, finish the outfit with some joggers. Choose something here that you will feel good wearing in the EhPod at 1:30am (or later, lets be real). The key is, although you still want to look stylish, to remain comfy. Studying sucks when you’re uncomfortable (speaking from experience…).

With finals week just around the corner, I hope to see you all rocking your chicest pair or sweatpants, most hype sneakers, and baggiest t-shirts around campus. I’ve definitely had my fair share of study sessions in my pyjamas, and I don’t pass judgement on those who still do, but I personally feel best when I am slightly put together. Take this post for what it is and dress how you need to in order to pass stats. I feel you on all levels.