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Fashion tips on a student timeline

The Link's fashionista Michelle knows the most up-to-date trends. [Michelle Morton]

The Link‘s fashionista Michelle knows the most up-to-date trends. [Michelle Morton]

The heat of school deadlines is on full blast this month – it’s getting hotter by the minute. Rushing seems to be routine: from sleeping in after a late night of studying, to running to class after completing final touches on an overdue project.

Time is a luxury for every BCIT student, and we cannot always invest too much thought into what we wear, right?

Wrong! Dress for success. It can be exhausting to put great amount of effort into outfit-planning when your mind is occupied with exams. But when you have the right tools on hand, an effortless outfit can be easily accomplished even in a hurry.

michelle 3

High heels and skirts are not required to be fashionable; it is originality in the details.

Shifting the focus from how to style clothing, look to which accessories can add to the outfit.  The outfit can be as simple as skinny jeans, a pair of flats, a T-shirt, and a statement necklace to bring the look together.

Another fun way to experiment with accessories is to mix metals.  You may have heard the rules to match tones together, but I have broken this rule with many outfits and found the result to be a success.

michelle 2

When mixing metals, it is great to have a piece that acts as a transitional point, so that the focus is on the whole outfit, not just the statement accessory.  For example, this Zara necklace has the bright colours, pearls and brass hues that make styling playful, since you can pair silver or gold jewellery with it. Adding a little sparkle and excitement to a stressful day can also brighten up the day for your colleagues!

Next time you are running out the door, take extra thirty seconds to add some originality from accessories to your look – if you are already late, at least arrive in style.