Fashion Friday – Knit Sweaters

Autumn: the season for eating pumpkin-flavoured-everything and cramming for midterms. It’s also the time of year that you get to pull your favourite knit sweaters out of storage and realize how much you have missed them! This beautiful season even turns the sidewalk into a red carpet of leaves for your fall fashion.

Chunky, woven knits are one of the few garments that are equally as comfortable as fashionable. There are so many options when it comes to knit sweaters: various styles, textures, and lengths.


Classically, knit sweaters are pullovers with a crew neck, or a V-neck. This makes them easy to pull on with a pair of jeans, or a skirt. However, knit cardigans have also become more popular over the past few years. Traditionally, cardigans were short, cotton or cashmere, sweaters that buttoned up and would be worn with a blouse or dress. Today, floor-sweeping woven cardigans – subdued or patterned – are on trend. These fabulously cozy sweaters can be worn with virtually anything, creating the perfect frame for your fall outfit. Lastly, knit zip-ups have shown up in stores recently. Zip-ups save girls from pulling sweaters over their heads resulting in frizzy, static hair.


Sweaters also vary in thickness and texture. Consider layering woven pieces with different textures to add detail and depth to your outfit. Layering a thin knit pullover with a chunky wool cardigan will warm you while you look on point.


Varying sweater lengths add dimension to any outfit. Cropped sweaters, paired with high-waisted jeans, make the torso appear shorter, emphasizing long legs. Mid-length sweaters are useful for hiding the turkey dinner you may or may not have lingering around your waist. Try wearing a chunky mid-length sweater over a fitted dress or skirt to create a comfortable, yet put-together look.

Sweaters that reach your ankles make for excellent coverage as the season gets colder. For all of you that have a long thin cardigan from the summertime – don’t fret! Put a leather jacket over it to add dimension and warmth for a fall outfit. You can even wear a thicker long sweater instead of a coat (weather permitting).

Play around with your sweater collection! Pair various styles, textures, and lengths to create detailed layers that make you look sharp while maintaining comfort.