Playoff Bound Whitecaps Hoping to End Season on a High

At long last, the Vancouver Whitecaps can relax a little this season. They have, finally, qualified for the play-offs.

Morales, the highest paid player on the Whitecaps has missed most of this crucial time, injured, and will potentially not return in time for the playoffs. Sunday’s upcoming game, also has other player doubts, like Techera, Mezquida, and Rosales who are out due to injury.

Last Wednesday, the Whitecaps played FC Dallas, and did so for the second time in two weeks. Their first encounter ended in a 0-0 draw, however, the one point they earned was enough for the Whitecaps to guarantee themselves a spot in the post season.

With only two games left, the ‘Caps were hoping to end the season on a high. By finishing in a top 2 position, the ‘Caps would be getting a bye going into the first round of the playoffs. The bye, more important now, than ever for the ‘Caps, would allow the fatigued and injured players to get some, needed, additional recovery time.

With that in mind, the Whitecaps were headed to Dallas on the 14th, hoping to at least get one point from the match. A task that would be no easy feat, considering the ‘Caps have never gotten that done before.

Unfortunately, Vancouver’s luck in front of the opposing net continued. The Whitecaps only managed to get one shot on target, from the 10 taken during the game. What the ‘Caps weren’t able to do, Dallas could. The team from Texas was able to, literally, squeeze in two goals passed Vancouver shot stopper, David Ousted in the 32 and 52 minute.

Next Thursday, the ‘Caps will be hoping not to pick up any more injuries, and play the last group game of their Champions League tournament. They’ll be travelling, over 5000 KM, to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, to play C.D. Olimpia. With regular CCL starters, like Bustos, Froese, Adekugbe, Waston, and Mattocks returning from international duties, and the injuries mentioned earlier, expect an unfamiliar starting 11 for this game.

Following the trip to Central America, the Whitecaps will be playing their last MLS league game, home at B.C. Place. With the chance of still being able to finish anywhere, from 2nd to 6th, Carl Robinson will be looking to get a win. It won’t be easy, seeing as they’ll be playing, Houston, a team that has caused them trouble before.

Also, be sure not to miss Giovinco’s goal! Last week, while everyone celebrated the Jays making it into the next round, you might’ve missed that Toronto FC, also made it to the playoffs. And seeing that the Jays are now in a tough position, the “6” might have to trade their bats in, for boots.