BC Hindu Community Outraged by Use Of Lord Ganesh on Logo

Photo by Aastha Pandey

“We have hundreds of people today; we’ll have thousands next time!” – Neera Vohra

The local Hindu community came together in the first two weeks of February in protest. A Hindu deity, Lord Ganesh, is being used as the logo for a local woman’s consulting business: Big Dick Energy Coaching. The business claims to provide coaching in “relationship and passion management,” according to the website.

So far only MP of Surrey, Sukh Dhaliwal has expressed his condemnation for the use of Lord Ganesh’s image. He was present at the first protest alongside MP Randeep Sarai. “This is ridiculous, not acceptable according to Canadian values. When talking about Canadian values we respect each other’s religious values, cultural values, and we celebrate each other,” said MP Sukh Dhaliwal, “this is not only upsetting to the Hindu community, but it is upsetting to many Canadians from coast to coast.”

The community is outraged no other politicians have expressed their thoughts on the matter. They wish to see the woman prosecuted, though, Canada’s freedom of speech laws protect her right to use the deity’s image.

Jasmine Daisy, the owner of Big Dick Energy Coaching said, in a social media statement, “I have made it clear that the symbol is in no way presented using any form of hate speech whatsoever. I also understand that I am not the first and certainly will not be the last to be the center of such controversy, for using a beautiful symbol that is not owned by any one individual or community. The actual hate speech and threats sent to me from those who claim to be, “peaceful” is abundantly & shamefully hypocritical on their part.” She also adds that she is not going to take down Lord Ganesh’s image from her logo and is seeking charges against multiple members of the Hindu Community.

Photo by Aastha Pandey

Lord Ganesh is one of the primary deities in the Hindu religion. Lord Ganesh represents knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, patience, and much more. When Hindu people start something new in their lives, they take Lord Ganesh’s name and pray to him, give him offerings, or host religious ceremonies where they ask for his blessings.

The Hindu community in Canada feels they have previously been neglected in their fight to save the holy Hindu swastika symbol. The symbol symbolizes the sun, prosperity, and good luck but has previously been mistaken for the Nazi symbol. They are now afraid that they are also going to lose the battle to save their deity, Lord Ganesh.

During the protest Neera Vohra, a member of the PR team for the ongoing demonstrations, addresses the issue that despite being a big part of the Canadian community, Hindu people’s demands for equal respect have been denied:

“We are contributing members of Canadian society. As Hindus we put our head down, we work hard for our families, we work hard for our ideologies.… it’s not even like it’s a big company, she’s a local business and she’s not removing it and we don’t even have a legal course [in Hindi]. We don’t have any legal recourse!” said Vohra.

Vohra says protestors have started a petition on change.org to urge Big Dick Energy Coaching to remove Lord Ganesh from the logo. Many community members expressed their hope Canadians would unite and sign the petition.

The local Hindu community is planning additional protests and won’t stop until they see the symbol changed.