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Art Feature: Rhi Forsyth

Drawing of a woman

Illustrations of a Daydreamer

Under the pseudonym Maen Illustrates, Rhi Forsyth is a daydreaming illustrator and graphic designer from rainy Vancouver. Rhi enjoys working with a variety of mediums including traditional and digital illustration, watercolour painting, graphic design, photography, and content creation.

Her go-to tools for illustrating include her iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (along with the app Procreate), Mossery watercolour sketchbook, Holbein watercolours, and Sakura Pigma Micron pens. Rhi also enjoys sketching with Muji pens and sketchbooks – she believes that sketching with a pen can be a wonderful way to improve illustration skills as it forces an artist to work with and learn from their mistakes.

Rhi has always loved illustrating and began to draw and paint with intent in 2018. In the Fall of 2019, she began the Fine Arts program at Langara College. After some consideration, Rhi decided to make the switch to the Graphic Design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She felt that learning the strategic thinking and technical skills required for graphic design would help push her forward in her pursuit of a career in illustration. She is excited to graduate in Spring 2020.

Rhi’s illustration style tends to include magical girls and witches, elements of nature, and foxes. Her style is influenced through literature and Japanese animation as well as through the works of Heikala, Luke Pearson, and Hayao Miyazaki. Rhi hopes to be able to work on more illustration projects for books and children’s content, poster design, and product creation.

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