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Paint on wood

REVIEW: Eastside Cultural Crawl Displacement Exhibit

A Focus on Indigenous Community Place Making (pictured: Local by Hugh Kearney) It’s not everyday you get to think about the things that tie you to a particular place, but the Displacement exhibit for the Eastside Cultural Crawl inspired those thoughts. Indigenous curator Cheyenne (Natoyihkii) McGinnis put together a collection of pieces that touched uponRead More »REVIEW: Eastside Cultural Crawl Displacement Exhibit

Drawing of a woman

Art Feature: Rhi Forsyth

Illustrations of a Daydreamer Under the pseudonym Maen Illustrates, Rhi Forsyth is a daydreaming illustrator and graphic designer from rainy Vancouver. Rhi enjoys working with a variety of mediums including traditional and digital illustration, watercolour painting, graphic design, photography, and content creation. Her go-to tools for illustrating include her iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (alongRead More »Art Feature: Rhi Forsyth

Tiger poster

Art Feature: Vincent Lin

At his core, Vincent Lin is just a shy little guy that likes to draw. He especially loves drawing people. The bulk of his inspiration comes from going for walks around the city to observe the mannerisms and habits of everyday people. He grew up with a healthy diet of classic cartoons that left aRead More »Art Feature: Vincent Lin