A shift in our social interactions will happen this summer: we’ll be resocializing.

Illustraion of girls hair coming out of a screen and turning into a pathway where children play

Illustration and words by Nazanin Hosseinmard

For the past two years, we lost close interactions due to COVID-19 restrictions. Children couldn’t go out to play freely in the playgrounds, grandparents couldn’t hug or kiss their grandchildren, and friends couldn’t meet up to socialize and catch up with each other. Our conversations were limited to cold digital screens. Everything was dark, bleak, and scary. Time passed like a blur.

But now, changes are coming. With restrictions lifted, we can come out from behind our screens and jump back into nature. We can hug and kiss and play together without fear. We can catch up with our friends and resocialize with the world around us. Our days this summer will be great and lively again as we get back to the normal social aspects of life.