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March Madness!

March Madness is so awesome, even the President fills out a bracket. (He's wrong just as often as everyone else)

March Madness is so awesome, even the President fills out a bracket. (He’s wrong just as often as everyone else)

March Madness is one of the greatest times of the year. The tournament that ultimately decides who’s the best in college hoops. This year, the one team that may stand out to many is Kentucky. The Wildcats are having the best starts in the school’s history, and right now they are the ones to beat. Gonzaga, Virginia, and of course, Duke are also dominating as usual. 68 teams. Thrilling basketball. What else is better then that?

This year, the Final Four takes place in Indianapolis. Kentucky is a strong bet to be there, but it isn’t as clear about which teams could possibly join them. Every year there are always bold predictions or people think there is a clear group who will make the Final Four. But then there is possibly one of the best experiences about March Madness: The Cinderella Stories, the underdogs that come out and beat the best of the best without even being recognized before they get into the tournament. Those are possibly the best teams to watch.

This year will be no different. Well, actually we don’t know that yet. But it’s always fun being huddled around the TV or constantly refreshing our Twitter feeds to see what the score is. And of course, filling out our Brackets and then realizing we were completely wrong on our initial predictions. Getting a perfect bracket is nearly impossible, and whoever accomplishes that feat will have bragging rights for their entire life.

Sometimes the tournament may feel like it lags on, some games do turn into blowouts while others turn into overtime thrillers. It’s amazing to see all the talent on the courts, and these athletes that are also students competing at the highest level. This year feels a little more unpredictable compared to previous years, with the exception of Kentucky who are just excelling every game.

The feeling of March Madness is almost indescribable, the night before the tournament kicks off, it’s like Christmas eve and that present of college basketball supremacy is just waiting for you! Whether you have a team that you cheer for every year no matter what, or you just like to jump on the Cinderella story bandwagon or the team that’s winning everything… March Madness has a little something for everyone, and yes, sometimes it includes insane Madness!