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Review: ‘Chixtape 5’ by Tory Lane

Woman on phone

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez takes us back to the 2000s through an 18-track nostalgic love story on his new album Chixtape 5. The singer, songwriter, and record producer continued with the same theme from earlier mixtapes in his collection, with a few skits sewn in.

By love story, I mean cheating, lies and threatening phone calls from Jalissa, a character who comes up throughout the tape. Lanez brings a wave of different but fitting talents from multiple RnB/rap legends—like Lil Wayne, Ashanti, Trey Songz, and FA-BO-LO-US. In the producer’s seat next to Lanez is Play Picasso—who has worked with Meek Mill—to complement nearly every track.

Overall, the flow is easy and engaging, and transitions smoothly from one mood to the other. One minute you’re slowly in your feels, then two minutes and 26 seconds later, you’re like ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

—Tiana Mohebi