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Bitter Sweetness — Flavia Chan

Flavia Chan is a graduate of Emily Carr University, now attending classes in BCIT’s Marketing program. Her artwork is at once haunting and beautiful. She draws the sadness inspired in her work from real life experiences, but finds her creative characters a much more comfortable outlet than depictions of real people. Every one of her unique characters — from her painstakingly detailed Munnies, to her cvibrant full-colour panels and prints, to the “slap bunnies” she borrows from grafitti culture — comes with its own story, and no character is exempt from the bitter sweetness.

Get to know Flavia better with her feature ‘Student Spotlight’ interview in our new issue (digital edition here) and be sure to catch her art in person this fall in Vancouver: September 13 on Main st. for the Autumn Shift Bazaar, and again in October at the Ayden Gallery for a show called Robots and Monsters.

Visit Flavia’s online portfolio.