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Having trouble finding people who are into the same things you are? Don’t worry, they’re here—you just need to know where to look. Each week we’ll be featuring a few of the amazing student clubs at BCIT who are doing awesome things on and off campus. Visit for a full list of clubs, and don’t miss your chance to meet them all at Clubs Day, September 16th in The Great Hall.

Hi, my name is Maezi Cua, I’m 2
nd year Financial Management student majoring in Accounting. I’m also the Vice President of Learning and Development for Enactus BCIT. My main responsibility is to inform existing and prospect members about news and upcoming events involving Enactus! Therefore, I’ll be blogging anything and everything connected to Enactus BCIT!

Enactus BCIT is a student led, nonprofit organization that empowers its members to use the skills they learn in class and apply them to real world situations. It is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of creativity and entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. We do this by developing various projects to target different economic, social and environmental issues we see in our local community everyday.

Enactus BCIT attends annual Regionals and Nationals exhibitions, which act as platforms for teams across Canada to present the results of theirs projects. In previous years, Enactus BCIT has taken home multiple titles and awards that signify all the hard work and dedication its members 807998_origcontributed in the projects they took part in. For example, in March 2015, Enactus BCIT competed against many teams and placed 1st place at the Western Regionals Competition for the Financial Literacy Challenge. We also placed in the top 8 overall! To better emphasize our successes, we also competed in the National Exposition in Toronto and placed in the top 16 among 51 other schools from all over the country!

In addition to making a positive impact in the community and to the people that live within it, Enactus BCIT also offers leadership and career initiative skills that create meaningful opportunities for learning and development, social networking and most importantly, making a difference. Members gain the knowledge and abilities they can’t learn inside the classroom as well as the life experiences that will push them further to reach their career goals!


With Enactus BCIT, you are not just joining a team; you’re joining a family. You will meet the most incredible people who will not only inspire you to create the best possible projects but also support you when you most need it. It is the most rewarding experience any student can have and you will learn many more skills than you could even imagine!

If you want to learn more, visit today for more information!