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Voting week for BCIT students

before a conference, the microphones in front of empty chairs.Voting for BCIT’s Student Association by-election is taking place this week. But only those students taking a course or enrolled in the School of Computing and Academic Studies are eligible to vote.

Voting will end this Thursday Nov. 20th at noon, and the result will be announced online by 2:00pm that day.

Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and Student Affairs VP, Evan Findlay, is encouraging all eligible voters to participate in the by-election.

“This election specifically is a little bit of an odd one because it is just for one chair position, but you know this applies to this election or the next, voting turn out is huge, and it’s a constant struggle,” added Findlay.

Last elections, the voting turnout was only of 1,100 votes out of approximately 20,000 students eligible to vote. However, in 2012, the turnout was more than double, reaching 2,800 votes.

Candidate Nav Bhatti.

Candidate Nav Bhatti.

Two candidates applied for the position, however only one of them met the requirements to run. Nav Bhatti, who ran last year but lost by 75 votes to Alexander Clarke, is this election’s only candidate. His position as Chair of the school will depend on a “yes or no” vote.

“If I won this time, it would mean that more people voted yes rather than no, which is good, also that no one strongly opposes me. I’ve gotten a lot of support from friends of mine, peers, staff, and other members of the SA, so that’s probably the biggest thing for me, to be humble by the fact that I have so many people behind me,” said Bhatti.


Go to to vote before this Thursday.