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The Beginner’s Survival Guide to Vancouver Fashion Week


Vancouver Fashion Week is upon us and everyone wants a piece. My name’s Jasmine Nijjar, a second-year Marketing Communications student at BCIT, and since I will be your official correspondent for Link Magazine throughout the week, here is my survival guide to the hustle and bustle that is VFW.



The Essentials
Vancouver Fashion Week is a showcase of Vancouver’s eclectic style icons and your camera will be your greatest resource to document this! Your heels will eventually fail you when you’re running around Vancouver from Starbucks to back to the show, so a pair of fast flats will be your saviour. With over 25,000 attendees at Vancouver Fashion Week, it’s bound to get a little hot inside Queen Elizabeth Plaza and you will get sweaty. With tons of press and media, it’s probably not best have your makeup melting off with the slight chance that you might be photographed in the background of the runway. Extra makeup will keep you sweat-free and pretty. Pictures are everything and if you’re planning on using your phone, an extra battery/charger needs to be a staple in your designer bag.



Vancouver Fashion Week is notorious for running late but that doesn’t mean you can! Try to arrive at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza on at least 15 minutes before doors open so you can actually get the seats that your paid for. When you get inside, the staff won’t care if you paid to sit and watch the show, they’re too busy with the craziness that comes along with hosting fashion week


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instagram: @leonandbird

If you’re driving, prepare to have an extremely difficult time finding parking and for it to cost more than what you’re wearing. Be prepared and come early enough so you can get some good parking!



What to Wear
Like any fashion week, Vancouver Fashion Week is home to the fashionable. Freedom of expression takes precedent and that does not end with your wardrobe. The wackier, the better and the more likely you’ll be photographed! The epitome of a fashion faux pax is downgrading your look with bad footwear, so don’t be shy with the crazy heels. Don’t come looking like you’re ready for the club. Since you’ll be rubbing elbows with the city’s wealthiest and best dressed, it’s important to look your best all while pushing the envelope of fashion!


JasmineJasmine Nijjar is a 2nd year Marketing Communications student and fashion contributor at Link Magazine. Her time is split between full time school, volunteering as Vice President of Marketing at Enactus BCIT and working as the marketing manager for Wellgroomed Designs inc.

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