Review – James Bond Spectre

Going into the the theatre I was pretty excited to find what fast car and dangerous stunts James would be up too once more. After watching the trailer a few times and still recalling the marvelous movie, Skyfall, the anticipation was above expectation. Having watched Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies, it was safe to say that this one felt like discovering the perfect ingredients to a plain cheese pizza, there just isn’t much too it.

In this new addition to the 007 franchise, James Bond (Daniel Craig) receives a cryptic message from his past that sends him on a rogue mission to uncover a sinister organization called Spectre. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond travels through Mexico, Italy, Morocco, and Austria, as he starts to peel away the layers of deceit and betrayal to uncover a frightening truth.

The Good:

Spectre’s opening scene was incredible, using one take to follow James through an incredible parade in Mexico city, which lead to a ridiculous helicopter fight scene that will have you at the edge of your seat. James traveling to different countries was an effective use to tell the viewers of the great lengths it takes to solve his biggest mystery. You get everything you expect from a James Bond movie, and back by the incredible acting from Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz and Lea Seydoux we can see why.


The Bad:

After the first scene, the movie seemed to spiral down a dark hole with a thin light insight. The overall pacing was a huge issue, as the buildup to the action just wasn’t really there for me. Every time the movie seemed like it was going one step forward with an action scene, it took two steps backward through drama filled, dull dialogue. The move was well directed by Sam Mendes who directed the previous movie, having a full cohesive movie yet many of the co-stars seemed oddly directed and uninvolved.

Many of the action scenes felt like I was revisiting old memories, nothing that broke the age old formula or got me out of my seat. The tone also felt out of place. It seemed like being Bond wasn’t great at all, adding unnecessary drama to a movie that’s supposed to be fun and suave.

No. Gadgets. I’m not sure if you’re with someone like me who grew up on the anticipation of what will be Bond’s next gadgets and how that can save him in a sticky situation, yet there was really none. I understand that Daniel Craig is supposed to be a more grittier Bond, but that never cut through compared to the old films. Also the plot was very identical to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where there were too many similarities to count.

Now on to the villain. This was a huge let down that could’ve gave the movie some needed tension, yet the under utilized Award Winning actor Christoph Waltz was a shame. His power was never truly felt, and under threatening lines and big claims all of it felt underwhelming. The whole wrap up of the entire Daniel Craig series felt like a cop out using this villain, especially being reminded again and again how similar he was too the previous movies baddies.


The Verdict:

Coming off one of the greatest bond movies ever, Skyfall, this was a weird swan song that seemed like getting a mcdonald’s sundae after a five-star meal.   Spectre tried to make a neat bow tie, but ended up with a knot that couldn’t be untied. Safe to say that the ending was a back out to a fairly good series done by Daniel Craig, who reportedly never wants to do another bond movie. It’s a bummer that he has to leave the franchise on a obligatory applause, as the audience should’ve been screaming encore out of their dozing state. If you are a huge fan of James bond, then go watch this. If you are someone new to the game or expecting to be blown out of your seat, this may not be the right movie for you.


Written by Jarell Alvarez