Fashion Friday: Chelsea Boots


By definition, Chelsea boots are elastic-sided, ankle-high boots. With everyone from Kanye West to Alexa Chung wearing them, these boots are a staple for your footwear footwear. What makes them so coveted is the year-round opportunity to wear them. They look cute with bare legs for the warmer seasons, and thick socks with pants in the cold.


Material limits how wearable your boots are in Vancouver. No matter how cute suede booties are, it is risky to wear them after October because of the rain and slush. Leather boots are more durable in wet weather conditions. Synthetic materials are the least likely to be ruined by the rain. Some footwear brands even make ankle-high rain boots. That being said, synthetic materials are rarely breathable meaning your feet will sweat throughout the day. If you absolutely must wear synthetic boots, wear cotton socks to help your feet breathe a little.


Boot Care

Depending on the make, some leather can take longer to break in, but many stores offer a break-in or stretch-out service at no charge. Stores also sell sprays for various materials that protect against Vancouver-style weather. If you don’t already have one, invest in a spray to use on your boots every few months. This will provide more comfort for your feet while keeping your boots looking spiffy. Just be careful to make sure the spray is appropriate for your material – suede usually has its own type.


Heel and Toe

Chelsea boots come in a wide range of styles. The heel height and type often determine the comfort of a shoe. Tall stiletto heels provide the least support – I always feel like it is going to snap off when walking. For this reason, I am partial to a lower and chunkier heel for stability. Platforms can be tricky depending on shoe quality. A well-made platform gives the illusion of height, while decreasing the angle of your foot. This puts less pressure on the ball of your feet so that you can wear them longer.heeled2

Another aspect affecting comfort is the toe. Pointed toe boots are trending this fall, and they look awesome. The point is reminiscent of witch boots, giving off a “don’t mess with me” vibe. The only reason I don’t have a pair of these boots yet is that I have been having bad luck with comfort. A point leaves less room for your toes, cramming the foot a little. Bad news for gals with moderate-to-wide feet! But all you narrow-footed ladies out there – go forth and wear the heck out of this trend.point

So when buying boots, please remember:

  • Consider the material of the shoe
  • Invest in a protective spray
  • Try on a variety of styles before committing