BCIT’s new president makes school history

Kathy Kinloch photo credit to Scott McAlpine and BCIT

In 2014, BCIT will have its first-ever female president. Photo by Scott McAlpine and BCIT.

BCIT is approaching two big milestones next year: the institution is not only celebrating its 50th anniversary, it will also have its first-ever female president.

Kathy Kinloch will be sworn in as president in January and says some big events are planned for the coming year.

Kinloch is not new to BCIT. From 2007 to 2010, she was the dean of the BCIT School of Health Sciences. Kinloch left that job when she became president of Vanoucver Community College in 2010 and remained in that role until recently.

While financial stability is not far from Kinloch’s mind, she has made big strides toward new opportunities for students.

“We have signed a partnership between BCIT with VSS and SFU as just one example,” said Kinloch, “and those partnerships are ones that we will look at program streams where students can move seamlessly between the institutions on various program areas.”

Acting president of BCIT Chris Golding said regardless of her gender, Kinloch is the right person for the job.

The institution’s president is selected and appointed by the BCIT Board, according to Golding, who said he is happy that a woman was selected.

“Women are starting to show that they have more than the right stuff to do this kind of work and I think Kathy is a perfect example of that,” Golding stated.

Victoria Levy is a first year BCIT student and she thinks it is about time BCIT has had a female president.

“Seeing a woman play such an important role at BCIT shows me that I must always try and achieve my goals,” said Levy, “and that when I have my own career I should never stop trying to advance and take on new challenges.”

With a woman at the helm leading the institution in a new direction, BCIT will embark on a fresh start for the school’s next 50 years.

With files from Kyle Hocking