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Washrooms on campus are deplorable

It’s time to create a stink over the condition of the washrooms at BCIT

Is this how you approach the BCIT washrooms?

Is this how you approach the BCIT washrooms?

Public washrooms: A Pandora’s box of disease, and the center of our societal depravity.

Think that sentence was an exaggeration? Please, go to a washroom on-campus today. You will be guaranteed to see at least one urine-laden toilet seat, two sinks filled with residual tissue paper, and counters covered in water. Those of us lucky enough to use the female washrooms may also encounter stalls resembling a grizzly crime scene.

A task as simple as going to the washroom has turned into an Indiana Jones-esque adventure, where one must kick down each door without knowing what foul object is waiting on the other end.

These kinds of behaviors would not be considered acceptable in your washroom at home, so why is it okay to do it here? What changes in us when we use public facilities? It may be exhilarating that you do not have to adhere to the personal cleanliness rules of your home, but what about the rules of being a considerate human being?

Eventually, somebody is going to kick down that stall you left behind with bated breath and encounter the mess you left. The lucky ones only have to deal with a few drops on a seat, or flush what you didn’t. The more unfortunate ones, well, they may have to put up with a lot of crap.

Our campus hasn’t gone down the toilet completely. The washroom facilities at BCIT aren’t quite hotel lobby quality and could be considered a haven compared to gas station restrooms. But we can all make a difference by just being decent human beings, to ensure that going to the washrooms at BCIT is a pleasant experience for all.

So, remember that golden rule and flush it, wipe it down, and wash your hands carefully.[hr]

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