Review: Busyhead Tour – Noah Kahan

On October 26, American indie singer Noah Kahan played for an early crowd at the Commodore Ballroom late this October. The indie artist fuses the sounds of folk and pop to create a calming acoustic discography. His wit filled the ballroom with laughter, and his humour shined throughout his performance.

Kahan has a variety of fans that come to his shows. After having lined up the earliest, the most dedicated ones secured their spots up front by the barricade, where they sang along with Kahan to every word. In the middle of the dance floor romantic couples were swaying to the music.

Midway through his set, Kahan played his popular single, “Hurt Somebody,” and the quiet hums rose to a cheering roar. Showing his seductive side, Kahan began to strip his clothes during “Save Me,” the seventh track off his debut album, Busyhead. At one point, he threw his black denim jacket at a swarming sea of fans.

Ending the night with an encore, Kahan asked the crowd to sing acapella to the song that started his career, “Youngblood.” This symbolized how his music will always come back to him and his fans.