A Bilingual Poem: Remained

Another midday grew to the vault of heaven Sparse, rainy snow tingled in my fingertips Hushed in the breath, dived in the nightfall Hauls in the round, drown into my shattered dreams 停留 三点午后沉得像夕阳散尽的苍穹 指尖划过了砂糖粒儿的雨雪 经过了沉默 停留的是整宿 也缓存犹如光伏般 层层加码旧梦  

Headshot of man

Student Spotlight: Amine Doulfikar

Photography by Eric J.W. Li Amine Doulfikar is a powerhouse. The fourth-year BCIT electrical engineering student actively leads two clubs, teaches mixed martial arts (MMA) and professionally competes in MMA tournaments outside of academia. The Moroccan-born Canadian not only balances it all, but he also excels. In Morocco, seven-year-old Amine was deemed responsible for all…

Man singing

Review: Busyhead Tour – Noah Kahan

On October 26, American indie singer Noah Kahan played for an early crowd at the Commodore Ballroom late this October. The indie artist fuses the sounds of folk and pop to create a calming acoustic discography. His wit filled the ballroom with laughter, and his humour shined throughout his performance. Kahan has a variety of…

Disney castle

Disney+: A Review

The launch of the Disney+ streaming service was possibly the most anticipated event of 2019. Initially, I was hesitant to join the bandwagon, but I was only able to resist the temptation for two days. It launched on November 12, and ten million people had subscribed by November 14. You’re never too old for Disney…