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Ray Yu: Nicaragua Photo Diary

Ray Yu, BCIT Graphic Design student, travelled to Nicaragua for six months recently. He brought his camera with him and documented his solo trip. Through, Ray was able to get connected and work abroad while in Nicaragua. He first helped build a Turtle and Pelican conservation hostel on the beach. After his hostel experience, Ray also worked at a surf and yoga retreat where he helped teach lessons and look after the premises.

Ray used to work in structural steel construction but he felt like he was going crazy. So he made the decision to quit construction, and enroll in BCITs Graphic Design program.

Ray got his start in photography when he was little. His parents bought  bought him his first camera- a 110 Film camera from McDonalds.  This was Ray’s first camera, and he brought it everywhere with him- family outings, camping trips, soccer practice, etc.

Ray says “I think because I goofed around with photography at an early age it sort of stuck with me as a hobby”. Now as an adult and especially while traveling, he enjoys documenting those ‘moments’ you can look back at and reflect on.

You can certainly get a sense of this looking through his photos and design work, which has a strong documentary style and reoccurring travel theme to it. But Ray doesn’t just document the moments, he also uses a great sense of composition to make the moments beautiful.

Ray is inspired by many things- books, magazines, movies, music, museums, surfing, sports and travelling to list a few, but he also loves hearing stories of people overcoming the odds, stories of the hero’s journey.

Check out Ray’s blog here, and make sure to follow him on Instagram @ray.yu_

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