Chair of the Transportation School By-Election: Gareth (Gary) Moon

I was asked to run, by my peers, because of my experience. The election is a by-election happening in the middle of the fall semester; there is no summer training period, and the position needs someone who can hit the ground running. 

I am capable of forgoing much of the training because I have largely shadowed a previous TCE Chair while I was a Councillor. I actively participated in the Student Spaces Development Committee, a committee that is typically the TCE Chair’s responsibility, and got some items passed that improved students’ ability to work and stay on campus. I took meeting minutes for set rep meetings and can still access them for reference. I am familiar with some of the Student Association staff so I will also have an easier time finding the information and help I need.

As for changes I would bring, I would like to do a communiqué to the student body regarding the progress of our planned Student Building, as well as our other Student Spaces Development projects. I would also like to reformat set rep meetings to be more manageable for students with busy schedules and streamline submission of student complaints.