Consumer Virtual Reality Conference 2016

There are several things that make Virtual Reality interesting to me. The technology, the innovation, and the concept to name a few. These are all things I got to experience at the inaugural Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR) Conference and Exposition this past weekend.


First off, CVR was awesome. Being in a room full of people who are all passionate or interested in the same topic is a unique experience. From industry experts to novices, the Vancouver Convention Centre was full of people from the VR community. Right away the sheer volume of people in attendance was enough to tell me that VR is going to be huge.


But the experience was just beginning. I participated/visited almost all 39 booths. I tried systems such as VRcade, Idealens, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and more. I chatted with some of the most innovative VR companies, as well as the newer companies that were just starting out. To see the difference between these small and large businesses was incredible in both a product and business aspect.


Another part of why I love VR so much is its ability to transport you to other places. Through the VR experiences at the conference, I fought off bandits, skied down a mountain, watched the northern lights, drove a car, and so much more. The more sophisticated the technology, the better job it does making you feel like the experience is real. This was evident after trying some of the latest technology that was presented at the conference.


Listening to industry experts talk about their field of work is alway inspiring because it allows you to see a glimpse into their passion. At the conference, I attended pannels and presentations from industry leaders at companies such as VRChat, LNG Studios, cognitiveVR, and uForis. I listened to talks about:

  • advertising & branding in VR
  • e-Commerce in VR
  • the future of consumer life in VR
  • journalism in VR


These talks helped me understand VR and the vision for its future, as well as gain insights into the VR industry. I learned about the different uses and industries VR is in, such as real estate, journalism, tourism, and gaming. Additionally, industry experts predicted that VR will become widely adopted within the next 10 years, that it will be a new way for advertisers to communicate with a new audience, and that augmented reality will also become a large industry.


All in all, this conference opened my eyes to a new industry and I am so excited to continue to learn about VR. This was a great event for beginners or for professionals to network with like-minded people, to test out VR, and to hear from industry experts. Can’t wait for CVR 2017!