BOOKS: Big Fit Girl by Louise Green

Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have
Louise Green
(greystone books 2017)

Louise Green used to think that she couldn’t be an athlete because she was bigger than the other people she saw playing sports. Until she signed up for a “learn to run” clinic and met a plus-sized athlete who shattered her expectations. From that moment on, Louise learned to love sport, not for the weight-loss, but for the rush; that surge of energy, emotion and accomplishment one gets from sport, and something that had always been absent from her athletic experience. Today, Louise is an advocate for athleticism amongst women of size, and helps people change their attitudes toward sports, their relationship with food, and guides them to embrace the unique abilities of the bodies they have now, not the ones of fantasy.

In her new book Big Fit Girl: Embrace the body you have (greystone books) Louise shares details about her journey to athleticism, offering up advice on choosing the right gear, the right sport and the right attitude to actually enjoy being an athlete, and not simply someone trying to lose weight. She teaches readers to be comfortable in their beautiful, capable bodies, and to recognize the unique opportunities available to them. She’ll get you started on your own journey, by touching upon topics like: finding the right support team, setting the right goals and changing your expectations about sport. In short: loving the body you have and making it work in ways you never thought possible.

Big Fit Girl is an inspiring and information book no matter who you are, and will surely teach you something new about yourself and your approach to sport. Big Fit Girl can be purchased online at or wherever inspiring books are sold.

Check out Louise’s talk titled “Limitless” from last year’s TedXBCIT event hosted by the BCIT Student Association.