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Bitcoins at BCIT

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“Cryptocurrency”— the latest buzzword in tech circles, virtual marketplaces, and government regulations — refers to a digital medium of exchange and BitCoin is currently leading the pack. Bitcoin use has even spread into  Las Vegas casinos, and recently the Jamaican bobsled team made news by raising money solely in cryptocurrency. Joke digital currencies inspired by BitCoin have been circulating around the web in the past couple of months, like the short-lived ‘Coinye’, and the surprisingly successful ‘Dogecoin’.



In the latest issue of Link Magazine, I spoke to Bryan Hellard, who’d been trying to bring Bitcoins to BCIT with an organized campus club. This month we learned that Hellard has now received a go-ahead from the student association, making BCIT Bitcoins official. I asked him what the next step was.

“We have a Facebook group, BCIT Bitcoins, and we’ll begin advertising around campus,” Hellard told Link Magazine. “Next week we’re finalizing club details, and planning an event… Once I get the posters up with proper contact info, I’m sure more interest will blossom,” he added.

Hellard said that he has been contacted by more students during the club application process, and he believes more potential club members will get in touch once the word about the approval gets out.


“Post-secondary education is one of the best times to be exposed to new ideas, people and cultures and to learn outside the classroom as well as inside,” reminds Yasamin Alami,  BCIT Student Executive and VP Campus Life. She encourages curious students to get involved with the new club, because even if you don’t cash in on cryptocurrency, you might get paid out in new friendships. “I have met some of my closest friends at BCIT,” admits Alami, “and I feel that clubs help facilitate like-minded people to come together and expand their horizons.”


To the question of whether they will be discussing the “much coin, so currency” that is Dogecoin, or the reasons Coinye failed, Hellard said he will keep an open mind. “We can discuss all sorts of cryptocurrencies, but my main focus is Bitcoin. Of course, my say won’t dictate what happens, and there are lots of interested parties in other currencies,” he said. “We’ll be able to cover everything!”

The first BCIT Bitcoins event is expected to happen in the beginning of February. For more information, check the club’s page on Facebook; or email Bryan at