Review: Habitat Pub

Photo by Zach Blaney

Are you looking for a place to unwind after a tough exam and commiserate with friends? Well, look no further than our very own Habitat Pub. Sit at the bar and chat with Peter while you watch the game, or grab a cue and play some pool. You can even do some feats of strength, battle your friends in foosball, or test your sharpshooter skills in Big Buck Hunt. The pub is also great if you just want to sit, enjoy a bite to eat and a drink, and get away from school. For those worried about social distancing, the open concept keeps it spacious—lots of tables and booths to accommodate anything from your whole set to just you. The floor-to-ceiling windows add bright, warm light and the friendly staff make Habitat an unpretentious and welcoming spot.

I had a chance to try the spicy chicken wrap and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I subbed the fried chicken for grilled and it did not disappoint. The chicken was juicy and tender, with lovely grill marks. The spice came from a blend of buffalo sauce and sriracha aioli, which packed a heat that lingered on your tongue. The creamy aioli coupled with the tomatoes kept the heat from building too much and the romaine provided a wonderful crunch. The ratio of filling to spinach wrap was perfect and the wrap was lightly toasted. A delicious, fresh, and filling wrap with a lovely spice that’s just right. The wrap comes with the option of fries or a side salad. I opted for the fresh salad with crisp lettuce, ribbons of carrot, and diced tomatoes. The balsamic vinaigrette worked beautifully with the salad and complimented the wrap nicely, keeping it light and fresh. Though, I imagine a ranch wouldn’t hurt either (can it ever?). 

So, if you’re on campus and looking to kill some time, the Habitat Pub is a perfect spot. There are games, drinks, and the menu has plenty of options for all sorts of tastes! Looking for something fresh? Try the kale salad with roasted cauliflower. Needing some comfort food? You can’t go wrong with the pulled pork mac & cheese. So, go and snag a table, bring some cards, order a pint, and relax. Remember school is just a part of life, you need to get out and live a little too. The Habitat is a convenient place to do just that. The only downside is it closes far too early…