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BCIT welcomes new BoG chair

Tony Gugliotta has been elected to be the new chair of BCIT’s board of governors.

Tony Gugliotta, BCIT's BoG new chair.

Tony Gugliotta, BCIT’s BoG new chair. Photo courtesy of BCIT Media Relations

The board’s primary responsibility is to oversee the strategic direction and management of BCIT and to ensure it carries out its vision.

The roles of the board include the management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of all BCIT campuses, as well as the establishment of BCIT’s purpose and direction.

Gugliotta started his career at Vancouver International Airport in 1985 and has since worked his way up to his current position as head of marketing and business development of the airport.

Having served on BCIT’s board of governors since 2007, Gugliotta told The Link that the transition to chair has been a very smooth one. Gugliotta says his hope right now is that the board of governors will take on a role that supports BCIT’s vision and mission statements.

In terms of his thoughts on moving forward, the board will work towards the “renew[al] of their campuses under challenging global eco- nomic conditions [and] do evrything [they] can to support students.”

Gugliotta stressed the importance of a balanced academic and extracurricular experience for BCIT students.

“It’s key to try and achieve a school/life balance that helps keep things in perspective and maintains your health in the midst of a busy school schedule,” the board chair said, taking into consideration BCIT’s intensive programs.[hr]

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