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Triple “O” Tuesdays On Campus!

With the new school year back in full swing, it’s time to get our priorities straight. Studying, sure, that’s important; but to be remotely productive you’re going to need two things: caffeine and food.

Let’s talk about the latter. I remember my life back when I was a first year student. Finding “decently priced” food on campus was always an uneasy endeavour, but it can be done. Even to this day, I’m still discovering new places to eat – places that give you your bang-for-your-buck, and actually tastes good!

Today’s focus is on the long lineup you’ll see every Tuesday afternoon in the cafeteria by the Great Hall. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, well, it’s better late than never. Say hello to Triple “O” Tuesday: the one day of the week (every week) where you can get your hands on an Original Burger for the reasonable cost of $3.69.

What do you get for $3.69? As Triple O’s describes it, “100% fresh Canadian beef, crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, secret Triple “O” sauce and our signature pickle on top”. If you’re like me and you need an extra kick in your burger, you can add a slice of cheddar cheese for $1. To complete your meal with a drink and a side for fries, the total comes to $8.86.

Although Triple O’s is not the only place to hunt down a good burger on campus, it’s hard to shy away from the Triple “O” Tuesday offer – especially when your classes are located near the Great Hall.

Pro Tip:

  • To avoid waiting 15+ minutes in line, show up before or after peak hours (12-2pm)